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    My wife was fortunate enough to draw out her first year for DC481 (I drew 482). I want this to be an enjoyable time for her, successful not that important. My plan is to take four wheelers from the Denali highway where it crosses the Susitna River and hunt her area first, then mine. I was there this weekend but with two kids and two dogs I wasn’t able to scout out the area as well as I would like. Would anybody be willing to share their knowledge of that trail system with me? I'm looking for information like can I make it to the Susitna?, how long does it take?, how much gas should I expect to burn?, is it a daytrip or should I spike camp?, can I wade the Susitna at that time of year or should I bring the raft? Also with the number of pullouts available is it reasonable to assume they will be full from the first of the hunting season til the end? The reason I ask is depending on the answer determines bringing the RV or living out of the trailer. I know I have a lot of questions but I have tried finding this information out on my own and have not been successful. I also don't want to piss people off by using the wrong trail or camping spot. I have hunted for years in Alaska just never from the road and never with the wife so any help will be appreciated.

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    depending where you are going if you are wheeling out you can make it to the su but its only limited areas. Argo would make most of the trip fine from lots of areas. Wish I could help out more

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    Thanks, anything helps. I'm planning on two more trips up, maybe one without the kids, and I'll post my findings in case anyone else has questions.

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