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Thread: Denby's confermation?

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    Angry Denby's confermation?

    Here's something I got e-mailed to me, sorry for the late timing;

    Fellow Sportsmen,

    Two weeks ago you demanded justice for the virtual conspiracy that placed Denby Lloyd as ADF&G Commissioner.

    As you remember, with supporting ethical shenanigans by the Joint Boards of Fish and Game, the Governor was handed a "list" that consisted of one name, Denby Lloyd.

    The Senate Resources Committee heard you loud and clear and postponed Mr. Lloyd's confirmation vote until they could "ask him a few questions".

    That day of questioning is Monday, March 12 at 3:30 pm!

    Once again, those who are outraged must rise up and be heard!!!

    If possible, please consider showing up at your local Legislative Information Office to give telephone testimony to the Resources Committee as they meet in Juneau.

    A good showing of hundreds of sportsmen will make sure that our legislators know exactly how we feel!! Remember, the more the merrier!!!

    Don't Forget, Lloyd has selected a “bio-greenie”, Ken Taylor, as his Deputy of Game. You heard it right, the same Ken Taylor that brought us Knowles’ wolf neutering fiasco, and helped reintroduce wolves into Yellowstone (see below for his full list of “accomplishments”).

    We cannot wait! Our moose populations are crashing around us, and Federal intrusion is at an all time high! This may be the last chance we have for the next generation to enjoy the life style that Alaskan's live for – an Alaska where wildlife abundance is the rule, not the exception.

    If you can't reach a Legislative Information Office, call your Senators and ask them to vote NO on Lloyd's confirmation. If they do, the Governor can begin an honest process and request the Joint Boards to rethink their "list" definition. We Alaskans who elected Sarah Palin Governor deserve no less.

    Now is the time to call and/or email your Senators today and let the will of the people be heard!

    Senator Charlie Huggins (Rural and Southern MatSu)

    (Resource Chair)

    fax: 907-465-3265

    Senator Lyda Green (Wasilla/Palmer)



    fax: 907-465-3805

    Lesil McGuire (Anchorage)

    Phone: (907) 465-2995
    Fax: (907) 465-6592
    Toll Free: (800) 365-2995

    Bill Wielechowski (Anchorage)

    Phone: 907) 465-2435

    Fax: (907) 465-6615

    Senator Tom Wagoner (Kenai/Soldotna)



    fax: 907-465-4779

    Senator Gary Stevens (Homer)


    fax: 907-465-3517

    Bert Stedman (Sitka)

    Phone: (907) 465-3873
    Fax: (907) 465-3922
    Toll Free: (877) 463-3873

    Shout it from the housetops, or live with the consequences!

    Send this message to every hunter, fisherman, and trapper you know!

    As the Governor often says "Take a stand!”


    Denby’s Game Guy – “Taylor-made” for a Wildlife Disaster

    • Mr. Taylor’s ultimate claim to fame was his intense personal satisfaction with his important role in moving Canadian wolves into Yellowstone National Park.

    • At a conference in Homer with Deborah Williams’ group (now known as the Alaska Conservation Voters), Mr. Taylor recounted his efforts to aid the restoration of wolves to Yellowstone National Park including the line, "I cried when the wolves were released at Yellowstone". Very progressive, Ken! Now every hunter in the whole country is crying over this unmitigated disaster.

    • Mr. Taylor, an active liberal, was an enthusiastic supporter and campaigner for Democrat Fran Ulmer's unsuccessful run for governor.

    • In Fairbanks, from about '85 to '91 (or so) he had dismal performance. His penchant for playing golf and chasing "the good life" sent him on the National and International meetings circuit to the point that the Fairbanks staff referred to him as "The Vacancy Factor".

    • Mr. Taylor's tenure at Region III in Fairbanks followed a stint as one of the worst area biologist's in corporate memory. He was assigned in Dillingham (Mulchatna Caribou herd, etc.) where he distinguished himself by never having any data for the Board (or probably the Region) on population dynamics or changes. He virtually sat in the chair and accomplished nothing.

    • As the management coordinator in cahoots with Chris Smith (ultra greenie and "anti" sympathizer), he made sure Bob Stevenson, one of arguably the best five wolf biologists in the world was taken out as the Department's wolf expert and re-assigned as an area biologist. The new wolf guy was a much better "yes" man.

    • Taylor was "responsible" for decisions during the Department's GMU 20A wolf control efforts and could have easily avoided the confrontation with Gordon Haber, which put Gordie on the evening news after the Dept. muffed efficiently killing a wolf in a snare with the cameras rolling.

    • In the 1990s, Taylor worked for some time as the Deputy Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation under his CSU college buddy and longtime friend Wayne Reglin. Among his notable achievements, he can be credited (at least in part) with the Department’s disastrous wolf sterilization program.

    • He was later appointed Director of Habitat under Tony Knowles and was at the helm during the time they really got into trouble. There were eyewitness accounts of Habitat staffers throwing pizza parties to celebrate their victories in shutting down commercial/industrial endeavors. Murkowski subsequently moved Habitat to DNR to neutralize the Division’s radical environmental gang’s ability to stifle industry/development.

    • Throughout his career, Taylor was uniformly known as a lackluster supervisor by those he supervised, except for the habitat folks whom he let do anything the regional Habitat Supervisor wanted to do.
    Alaska Wildrose Charters and Cabins

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    Default Hb 165

    Also on the agenda of todays Resources Hearing is HB 165 a bill to allow the legal rental of remote cabins to unguided hunters. HB 165 needs the support of the unguided hunting public
    A BILL
    "An Act relating to providing field accommodations for big game hunters."


    * Section 1. AS 08.54 is amended by adding a new section to read:
    Sec. 08.54.785. Chapter not applicable. The provisions of this chapter do not
    apply to a person providing, for compensation or with the intent to receive
    compensation, only accommodations to a big game hunter in the field at
    (1) a permanent lodge, house, or cabin on private land owned by the
    person; or
    (2) a state or federal cabin on state or federal land.
    * Sec. 2. AS 08.54.790(9) is amended to read:
    (9) "outfit" means to provide, for compensation or with the intent to
    receive compensation, services, supplies, or facilities, excluding the provision of
    accommodations by a person described in AS 08.54.785, to a big game hunter in
    the field, by a person who neither accompanies nor is present with the big game hunter
    in the field either personally or by an assistant;


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