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    Can I go clamming anywhere in Alaska? Is there a place in Anchorage or along Seward Highway

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    There probably is but the general rule of thumb is to gather clams in months with an R in them. The reason is because red tide is not common during those months. The state recommends only gathering clams from the few beds in the state that are tested. At least I think that is still there position. I dug clams off and on in south east in the past and had no problems however.
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    Best bet is to go to Clam Gulch and the surronding areas. There is some good reading in the F&G website and many tourist guides on the subject. We were in Nilnilchik (spelling) last week and got 568 clams in two tries for seven people. Some were watching the kids more than clamming but we did good enough. Use a clam gun if you can afford one. I found one at Sportsman Warehouse for $22. They are far better than trying a clam shovel.

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