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    We have been looking for a new place to pick lowbush cranberries in southcentral without much success. We've checked some recent burn areas, but none are in the right succession stage. The burn area on the Kenai Peninsula we used to pick on has passed from a place with abundant pickings to little or nothing.
    Does anybody have a general area in southcentral Alaska they could share for a place to get these delectable fruit?

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    I know this is an old thread, but I've had very good success picking from Soldotna South to Ninilchik. Pick any gravel road and head out a ways looking for downed stumps to check out. I followed some grouse from the roads today to great berry patches...

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    I am assuming you are talking about lingonberries?
    If so it is best to pick them after the first frost as it causes the plant to release its sugars into the berries.
    And yes they can be found all over the place on the Peninsula. I have had good success picking while also hunting spruce hen in sterling.
    My mom just goes into the woods next to their house in Kasilof.
    Makes a good excuse to do some hiking this time of year whether you are hunting or not.
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