I am hoping to get some pointers or advice for an upcoming trip I have planned for early Aug. I don't have any concrete plans as of now (despite the trip being right around the corner) and am really hoping that some of the experience on this forum will help provide some direction for me and my high school friend that is accompanying me on the adventure. The only things I know for sure is that I will be flying into Fairbanks on the 29th of July and leaving the 13th of Aug. I figure this should give me plenty of time to travel and allow me to access plenty of areas. Now I just need a good idea of where to head. lol As of right now the areas of focus are the Susitna Valley and the Homer area. The other person that I will be with is an AK resident and has a pretty good plan in place. I just thought I would see if there was any info out there that could help us out. Any advice or pointers would be very much appreciated.