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    Question WTB Kayaks

    Looking for a recommendation on where to purchase a couple of kayaks in ANC or Kenai Penninsula. Willing to go used also. Thanks

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    If you are looking for a hard kayak, Sportsmans Warehouse has a bunch above the Guns. For an inflatable go to Ak Raft and Kayak on Tudor just off of Arctic Blvd. I have seen a couple on Craigs list.

    I just got a tandem sit-on-top by "Ocean Kayak" but haven't put in the water as it is stiff here in Bristol Bay. The same kayak is at Sportsmans.

    Hope that helps,


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    I have a eskimo diablo kayak that I camo painted with removeable paint I would be willing to sell. It has he average amount of wear on it and I also have quite a few paddling accesories for it. I have everything except for a spray skirt. PM me for further info if you wish to buy.

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    Default Kayaks

    On the kenai they have some value priced play boats at both Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna. Also wilderness way has kayaks but not value priced, but better quality.
    I sold all of my Kayak playboats last fall, I have a couple of Sea Kayaks in Glass that are used.
    I have suggested that those of you that want a great deal on kayaks and canoes, go to the REI sale on Memorial weekend. they have 30% off and that is a great deal. Go in now and see what they have.
    Sportsman warehouse has a variety of boats and brand names, they have several in the old town brand.
    inflatable Kayaks are a great choice for Alaska also,and they are getting better all the time.
    PM me for more information on Inflatable Kayaks,
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