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Thread: DOUBLE HALIBUT LIMIT IN ONE DAY Need to fill open seats.

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    Default DOUBLE HALIBUT LIMIT IN ONE DAY Need to fill open seats.

    So I work with Alaska Airlines and have been asked over and over again at work to get a group together for a fishing trip and did some research and got a good deal for booking the whole boat, well now 22 people have canceled and I need to feel these seats or cancel the trip and I would rather do the first so here is the invite please PM me if you are interested. August 8th is the trip date.

    This is your only opportunity to fish for two limits of Halibut on one night and save the price of a Hotel. This trip is much more than two half-day charters. The average fish size is around 20-40 lbs with much, much larger fish brought in on almost every trip. Plus any other species you might catch Lingcod, ect.

    This trip appeals to those of you who want to fill their freezer and donít have a whole lot of time to do it. We typically travel 45-60 miles to areas we know hold a large amount of quality Halibut. This usually includes the world famous waters of the Barren Islands, Chugach, and Elizabeth Islands.

    You have heard about this trip and now it is your chance to give it a try. We leave each evening at 4pm and return the following morning around 9am - 1pm. The return time can vary a few hours depending on tides so tell your friends on shore not to worry. Better yet, bring them along. We will spend extra time to ensure you are able to get two limits of Halibut. You will be fishing for your first limit until midnight and your second limit from midnight until about 6am and then we head for home. This trip offers you the unique opportunity to actually see the midnight sun. These trips are priced only slightly higher than a day trip and offer exceptional value.

    For those interested the price will be 235.00 that includes, fishing poles, bait, hooks, cleaning the fish. tax, gas surcharge, and a bunk to stay in there are 34. Also a microwave to heat up your food. You are allowed to bring beer and wine, just remember moderation please. Recommend a sleeping bag and pillow for the bunk though if you are going to nap at all. Also Dramamine for motion sickness to be on the safe side.

    The date we have available to go out is Aug the 8th . Please let me know what works for you and if you would be interested.

    Contact me through work email, with any questions.

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    Dang...I wish I needed some halibut. That's a good deal.

    I'll pass the word to friends and have them contact you if I find any interested parties.

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    Is this with Alaska Coastal Marine?

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    My brother and I might be interested. What is the name of the charter service?

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    It is Alaska coastal marine


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