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    Hi all,

    I have a few years before I start my cabin and have been reading the threads and looking for ideas. I saw this used at a camp site in YT, Canada.
    A full size cabin sat on pressure treated 10"X10". Those sat on poured concrete squares about 3'X3' and 6" deep. I would like to use this setup and probably put 3" of compacted stone under the concrete.
    My cabin will be about 16''X20, possibly 20'X24'. My question is what should the spacing be for this kinda setup?
    Thanks for all the ideas in advance and I'm also looking for some kind of Foundation Calculator out there on the net if anyone knows of one?

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    I don't think there is any type of foundation calculator out there. The design of a foundation for a cabin starts with it's location. A foundation on permafrost is far different than one build over good gravel. Where are you building your cabin? A treated 10x10 will be hard to find in Alaska, but they certainly can be ordered. I know that 8x8's are readily available. I like to have my cabins off the ground at least 3 feet. This provides room to store odds and ends, and makes life a lot easier when there is 5' of snow on the ground.
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    Thanks Doug,

    It probably was an 8X8. It will be out in McCarthy which has good alluvial gravel to build on. I dont think they get huges amount of snow out there.
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    Sorry my dear i have not information about it.
    I think you deeply research on it.
    If you have further information please share with me.
    Thanks in advance

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    I just returned home from Alaska last weekend. Saw several cabins that used old telephone poles as the support pilings to build the floor upon. Don't know anything about how / where they got them, but they looked VERY sturdy. If I remember correctly, each post was about 6 feet apart around the edge. Did not get to look at the underfloor spacing. As AKDOUG mentioned, you can set the floor up as high as you feel is needed (storage / snow depth / etc).

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    Use old railroad ties. They seem to be every where.


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