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Thread: Is There Cell Coverage on Chulitna River?

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    Question Is There Cell Coverage on Chulitna River?

    Hi All,

    I will be doing a float trip on the Chulitna in August and would like to know what to expect regarding cell phone coverage on the river. I will be floating from where the East Fork crosses the Parks Hwy down to Talkeetna.

    My carrier is ATT but would be interested to know experience with any carrier as other people in my party may have different carriers.

    I am interested in the suitability of a cell phone for emergency contact in this area.

    Thanks for you response!

    Greg J

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    ACS generally has the best coverage within 20+ miles of the highway system. They seem to use plenty of cell towers along most AK highways, and their CDMA technology works better than GSM when you get farther away from those towers. I have tried ACS on a couple Chulitna trips and got good signal where I tried it, except when in the canyon sections. I have also managed to get a decent signal well over 40 miles from the highway in that same area when I bothered to get up high. AT&T & GCI users did not get any signal where we tried it. Basically the same thing usually happens while on the Matanuska, but some areas seem to work well for everyone.

    However, I have to add, what's the point of going "into the wild" while connected via cell phone?


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