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    I'm starting to firm up plans for my upcoming DG345 goat hunt and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on access and locations in this unit? From what I understand it can be hit or miss trying to get dropped off via boat with so much exposed open water. I will likely be hunting the first week in September.

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    Fly it a week out. Mark the location of the billies on a map.

    They will likely still be near those locations the following week if they are unmolested.

    And if you get caught molesting a goat you'll be brought up on bestiality charges! ;-P


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    jimss.....i would recommend planning your hunt for the third week in Sept. In early Sept the billies are still up in the rocks in "no-mans-land". Sept 23rd has been my lucky day for Kenai Peninsula billy goats. late enough that the goats have decended below the rocks to the top of the alder brush line. Early enough that the ground has not frozen and you can still press your boots into the mountain side, you can still "edge your boots' safely into the dirt. First week in Oct the ground will be frozen.


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    Thanks for the tips! I already bought my airline tickets for the first couple weeks in Sept...that's the only time my partner can get off work. My preference would have been to go later when the hair was longer and the billies possibly came down out of the rocks. I know it's hard to predict weather but I've been told that the possibility of poor weather is greater the later into Sept. Right now I'm trying to decide between heading down lower and working my way up some of the ridetops or taking my chances and heading directly towards the higher, rocky country.


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