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Thread: Biologist hired by ADF&G

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    ADF&G, Division of Wildlife Conservation, hired Rick Merizon as the statewide Small Game Biologist/Small Game Specialist. His new job with the state is a program development, research and game management position stationed in Palmer. He was selected from a fairly large group of other applicants.

    Rick has worked several years for ADF&G in various locations around the state. He has a masters degree in avian biology and his work experience includes research, program, project, and budget management.

    This is great news and I hope this is just the beginning of an increasingly viable small game management and public outreach hunting program in Alaska, and that the program will be managed proactively for game abundance and hunting opportunity.

    The small game resource is long overdue for specific and appropriate research, management and development of habitat, bag limits, season lengths, hunter education and public outreach. Small game programs are traditionally how many of us became interested in hunting and conservation as youngsters.

    I look forward to Rick on the job and supporting him and the State of Alaska's small game management program.

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    Thanks for posting this positive news!
    Long overdue is correct and I am sure many of us look forward to supporting Mr. Merizon.


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