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Thread: Looking for Kid friendly Valdez Halibut Charter

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    Default Looking for Kid friendly Valdez Halibut Charter

    Good Evening,

    I am looking for a charter to take my family on a one day halibut trip. My youngest is 9yrs old. I have been halibut fishing repeatedly, so I understand that noone can guarantee success, but I am looking for the right balance between a comfortable safe charter, and a meat gathering trip.

    Any suggestions? Looking at the weekend of July 22 or 23.

    Please PM me with any info you have on your outfit.


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    Try Reel Fun Cherters in Homer 235-2845 Tyler and Willy are great with kids and big kids too!

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    halibut grove http://www.alaskan-adventures-unlimi...ibutgrove.html I went with Mel in June and will be again in August, highly recommended.


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