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Thread: Going to re-barrel my 6.8mm AR with a 24 inch barrel

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    Default Going to re-barrel my 6.8mm AR with a 24 inch barrel

    Well I was bored with my 16 inch 6.8mm SPC Stag Carbine a year back and have not shot it at all since then. I worked up all sorts of load data and that was about it. It is OK for deer and caribou, but only at a limited range.

    I put it up for sale for awhile but no takers...

    SO..... I figured I could make up some more loading experiments and maybe make it have a little more zap if I went with a longer barrel... maybe an 18 or 20 inch....

    But then I found out that Black Hole Weaponry makes a 24 inch barrel with polygonal rifling.... and in a 1 in 11 twist rate.
    I called them up and a few days later my barrel was in the mail. It is a stainless, 24 inch standard profile, target crown.

    Now I need to get a long hand-guard, a new gas block (since mine is the front sight mil-type), and a new longer gas tube.

    Any thoughts from you AR junkies...???
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    Make it a piston driven marvel. I have a 6.8, M-6 from LWRC...Thats the way to go. No grunge on the bolt and carrier. Stays clean longer and adapts to different loads easily. But I do agree the 6.8 needs more than a 16"...mine is an 18" and I wish it was a 20". The piston is the epitome of the AR evolution.

    I think CMMG makes piston conversion units for them.
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    My 6.8x43 projects have stalled. One is "complete" but not sighted in and the other is in a bunch of boxes inside a bigger box. I also have a couple 3lb timney triggers for them sitting on the desk in the office.

    I had planned to have them up and running through load dev this spring but ended up turning my attention to putting in a 32x44 shop with a 16x14 reloading room in it. As a total rookie reloader this will be my first project. I am looking forward to playing with loads for the 11.25 twist barrel and ar15performance improved chamber.

    I will hopefully get to at least put some factory rounds through the one that is built this weekend.

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    I have a 16" upper and 20" upper in 6.8. I don't see that much differance in the two. Both are 1 in 11" Shilen Match and the 16" is more accuate. The 6.8 case is almost too small to get enough slow powder in to significantly increase performance in a 24". 150 FPS may buy you an little better trajectory but the animal will not know the differance. If you want a flatter shooter go to a Grendel with better BC bullets that will help beyond 400 yds.

    SEALS have turned in their piston guns because of issues in saltwater enviornment and have gone back to DI because they are more reliable. We often forget that we are supposed to clean our guns everyday anyway and I doubt that anyone shoots enough rounds everyday to make the piston a better choice. DI is lighter, less complicated, easier to tune and more reliable.... oh yeah...cheaper.


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