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Thread: Almar sounders?

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    Default Almar sounders?

    I'm started to seriously think about upsizing. While I'd like a uniflite in a slip, since I boat out of both Whittier and Seward, I'm looking at sticking with a trailered boat, esepcially given the reality of getting a slip in Whittier. I'd like a boat that is big enough for a family of five to sleep on for several nights, and not get on eachothers nerves on those occasional wet miserable days you decide to stay ship board.

    Based on a couple of listings I've seen, it seems a 28 or 30' almar with a 9 1/2' beam may be just the ticket. As I also saw a 30' w/ 10 1/2' beam, what sort of a PITA would it be to tow such a wide load?

    Anybody out there running a sounder, and what are your opinions of the hull?
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    Almar Sounders and the older Jetline inboards are both awesome hulls, you will have NO issues running a Sounder.

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    can't comment on the sounder, but I can on the 10 1/2 foot beam. My new boat has a 10 1/2 foot beam, and I have towed it a few times so far. I don't feel that is anymore a PITA than a 9 1/2 foot or 10 or whatever. As long as you have the right equipment ie truck and trailer, and you have experience towing, which I am sure you do, then you would have no problems with it. I think if you go wider than 10'6" though, you need a pilot car, now that would be a PITA to me
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