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Thread: Anchor River/ Homer Area Fishing Tips Needed

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    Smile Anchor River/ Homer Area Fishing Tips Needed

    Hi- We are here with our three young boys who want to catch some fish! We did well at the end of the spit today, but would like to catch some Salmon (this is our 4th summer here and haven't caught one yet). Interested in Dolly Varden too. Would love some advice on where to take the boys to get some good fishing in. Would consider lakes as well if there is a good place to fish from the shore. Also, any good hikes in the Anchor River area? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    There are dollies and some pinks starting to show up in the Anchor now which would be fun for kids. Also Tutka bay should be warming up soon with pinks across the Bay from the spit. Send me a PM with a phone # and we'll talk.

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    Deep Creek (just up the road from Anchor River) should have dollies and pinks showing up soon.... anything small and red will usually catch a dollie this time of year and pink will hit anything. Fish any deep holes you can find or fish behind spawning kings... if you can find a bright red king in deep creek you can almost count on there being a school of dollies about 20-50 ft behind it.
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