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Thread: Otter cove information

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    Default Otter cove information

    Can you tie up the boat there, any cautions to look out for?

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    If you are referring to the place across from Homer, I stayed there one night and tied up to their dock, but then I was renting a cabin from them so there was no issue. I would contact them and see what they say. Maybe if you have dinner there that would be good enough for them to allow you to stay, it is certainly a long and stable dock and I would not hesitate to leave my boat tied to it for the night.
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    private dock, call for permission, they usually want you on the east side only during business hours, at lower tides there is only room for 2 small boats on either side (4 total) or 1 large boat (2 total) because most of the dock will go dry, put your engines up if the tide is going out towards a lower low !


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