Just wanted to help spread the word about this great shoot. Lots of shooting, distances from 20 feet to 80 yards (only 2 arrows at 80 yards though...), and one of the best field courses in the USA.

Four arrows per target so bring at least 7 or 8 arrows, in case you get a nock or two broken.

Gate opens at 7am on the Saturday July 16th, sign-up/warm-up shooting starts at 8am, and the shoot starts at 9am each day.

$25 for both days for ASAA members, $40 for non-members. ASAA membership costs $25.

More info/contacts at: http://www.alaskastatearchery.com/calendar.html
Click on the "Flyer for Shoot" link for the official flyer and scroll down for a summary of the rules.