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    Hey all

    I am making my first visit to Alaska this 7/22. I plan on starting North on the Parks HWY, at Montanna creek, working my way south, to Sweard. I have 8 days. I would like to catch as many species as I can, specifically, a grayling, Bow, Dolly, Chum, sockeye and a pink if posisble. I have heard all options for Kings will be pretty much done and Silvers won't be in. Does anyone know if there are particular rivers that are better than others for some of the hard to find fishj, like the chum, grayling and pinks along this route? Also my plan for Dolly's and Char is to hit the russian and Quartz greek is that a good plan?

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    Entire books have been written answering you question my friend. But the short formParks highway streams, bows dollies and graylingLittle su - silvers might start showing upMastu lakes - bows, arctic char, pikeEklutna tailrace - chum, silversSymphony lake, greylingShip creek - also may have silvers filtering inBird creek - pinks and silversHope Alaska pinksI would definaly take a side trip to the Russian but I'd keep going to Soldotna that would get youRussian - redsKenai - reds and kings (there is a second run of kings on the Kenai)Kasilof- reds and kingsThen back to Seward find $500 and take a combo charter on the saltwater you won't regret it- halibut, silvers, pinks, rockfish, ling cod, sharks. Etc Id recommend you buy a copy of the highway angler either online of when you get here. That will give you specifics


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