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Thread: Any body ride dirt bikes in alaska?

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    Default Any body ride dirt bikes in alaska?

    I am likely moving from idaho to alaska in 2008 and am just wondering if I should sell my dirt bike or bring it with me. For starters I am not sure on where exactly I will be moving but it most likely will be either fairbanks or anchorage. I have a KTM 450 SX and ride mostly trail riding but an ocassional moto-cross. I know that it rains quite a bit in alaska but from what I here not so much towards fairbanks. Is it always muddy and rainy and not worth having a dirt bike? I also have a honda atv for my all terrain fun. Thanks for any information that you can provide.

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    Not sure about Fairbanks area, but around Anchorage and the Valley there are a lot of places to ride. We have a couple of well established MX courses and there are several trails that are good for a bike. You will end up getting more use from your ATV probably, but the bike would be fun as well.

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    I used to ride around the Butte area on a Honda XR 250R. Great riding out there for dirt bikes, and it is close to Anchor town (Anchorage). As far as Fairbanks goes I have no clue, it's been awhile since I have been to squarebanks.

    I sold the dirt bike after a really bad crash.

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    Don't let those Los Anchorage- Alaska wannabes steer you the wrong way. Lots of dirt bike riders and racers up here. If you can and want to bring your bike.

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    Default weather

    From what I have heard fairbanks has the better end of the deal when it comes to weather. It seams like the type of place that I would like to live but anchorage pays better. I install carpet, vinyl, and laminate floors so a farely large population is a must for me. Both places pay better than my home town currently but anchorage is quite high and hard to pass up. Oh the desicions!

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    Here comes the controversy

    SE Alaska = coastline and rain
    Anchorage and the Valley = moderate temperatures, no so cold in the winter and not to hot in the summer
    Fairbanks = toooo darn cold and to darned hot

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    Default anchorage

    Don't let anyone fool you. While wages may seem higher in Alaska than where you are, you need to take a good hard look at the cost of living as well. You may find that it isn't quite as advantageous for you as you expected it to be.
    Having said that, you may like Anchorage. It's too big for me, but it has the advantage of being within driving distance of Alaska.


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