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Thread: I need and easy trail with good campsite??

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    Default I need and easy trail with good campsite??

    I want to take my wife and two girls out for a night or so of back country camping. Can anyone suggest a good place in South Central where I can ride for a few (moderate to easy) miles to a lake with Grayling or Trout fishing. I have access to a Polaris RZR and Yamaha Rhino. I am hoping to turn them on to riding.


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    1. Jim creek area, near palmer. Any kind of trail you want from mild to wild, there are a few lakes in that area, and you could even get silver salmon (check the regs)

    2. Sutton. Drive up Jones Ville road, pavement for quite a ways. Nice lake back there to camp on the second left after the pavement ends. (winter kills so not good fishing) But TONS of easy trails and great views. You can also find wild trails. Easily spend a week or two there and never hit the same trail twice, and as a bonus, you can go into Sutton. I know that the general store has hot food and showers, hill top has gas and showers too, along with laundry service. Due west of there there are 2 lakes one i think is called wish bone... trout is hit or miss.

    3. Kings river trail, im not as familiar with this one. I think there is a good tout lake up there some where, but cant say how hard the trail is as i have never been.

    either way you should head out with the bros, find a good camp spot and then take the ladies (nothing is uglier than ending up in a swamp with your wife and getting buried.. lol er... not the wife, the stuck part)

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    Default Eklutna

    Eklutna Lake.

    Close to Anchorage, easy drive, VERY easy 4 wheeling, and I'm pretty sure there's camp spots on the far side of the lake (13 miles?). Sorry no specifics its been years since I've driven past there on my ATV.

    ATVing is only open half of every week there, so check. I think it might be Wed - Sun is OK to ATV it and the rest of the week its bikes or hikes only.

    Nice grayling fishing; really beautiful area.

    Also there is a public use cabin half way there that is fun to stay at. Read its log book. Reserve it in advance if you want it. Lots of firewood already cut and waiting when we arrived. Wood heat stove and bare bunks inside the cabin but it keeps the bugs out.

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    I don't know about this year, but it was open Sunday through Wednesday last year. Camping is great at the end of the lake, lots of animals to see. We saw black bear, moose, mt. goats, and sheep on our trip their last year with my youngest daughter.
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