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    Is there anywhere in the Anchorage area that specializes in working on marine autopilots? Or a place that has a decent rep doing so? Thanks.

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    What brand/model of pilot? What's wrong with it?

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    It's a Simrad AP26. It will hold heading, then not respond to any turn inputs, then all of a sudden veer in that direction, over/under shoot, act normal for a while, then get a rudder something error. Generally not working, but does just enough to let your guard down. It was put on when there were Evinrudes on the back. I put 2 200 Yamaha's on it, which are a fair bit heavier. I don't know if that has anything to do with that. I am at a loss. Would like to get it trouble shot, or replaced if necessary. May be a bad time of year for that, though.


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