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Thread: Do moth balls work on repelling moose?

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    Default Do moth balls work on repelling moose?

    Well, as much as I had hoped it wouldn't happen, the moose have found the garden again this year. I went home at lunch today to discover that the only broccoli I would now be getting this year was from the grocery store!

    In looking up "natural" or other homemade options of keeping moose out of the garden, I have found wolf or human urine, along with hair clippings or things that flap around in the wind as my options out there. Apparently the idea is to deter them both at ground AND eye level. Since there were scent deterrants listed, I was wondering about moth balls? Lord knows THEY stink and they work for bears, but what about moose??

    Fencing is not an option this year, nor is planting a rapsberry crop around the garden. Perhaps next year we can go that route, but this year I just want to salvage what plants I've got left!

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    Put up a electric fence,this can be done fairly cheep. And it does work I happen to be out a couple of years ago when a cow decided that it was time for lunch until she touched the wire she forgot all about her calf that was there. She just left town on the first train.

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    About the only way mothballs would deter a moose is by being shot from a wrist rocket at the offending creature. BTW a wrist Rocket is a fancy sling shot that uses surgical tubing.
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