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Thread: Truck Camper near Kenai

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    Hey all first time posting on this part of the forum (though I post on the fishing one all the time). Regardless the wife and I are taking the new truck camper to Kenai this weekend where I have a Rugby match. After the matches are over the wfie and I would like to check out some of the area down there for a day or two before hauling back up to Fairbanks. Anyone have any suggestions on good areas that are Truck Camper accessible. We don't necessarily need full RV hook-ups but just somewhere we can get the large truck and camper in.

    Other then that we like to fish and do some simple hiking and of course appreciate some great scenery. Doesn't have to be super solitude but somewhere not super busy is always appreciated.


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    Will you be in the city of Kenai?

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    I believe the Rugby match is in Kenai but that does not mean we have to camp there just be there for the match.


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