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Thread: Halibut cove lagoon fishing

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    Default Halibut cove lagoon fishing

    I rented one of the cabins in the lagoon for the next few days and wanted to know what i can catch in the lagoon.We have a 22' boat that we will take out of the lagoon for halibut and a Zodiak that we will mess around in the lagoon for fun w/our 3 young sons 5-9. They would be happy with pollock, fluke ect.Any help would be appreciated.

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    Try the search feature.
    We discussed this several months ago.
    Not much in the lagoon if the kings are not there.
    If the kings are there this time of year my experience is that the only way to catch them is with a snagging hook.
    Use extreme caution entering the lagoon due to the shallow entrance and swift current in the channel on the tide changes.
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    if you've neve been in there before - i suggest you follow someone that has - lest ye drop thy lower unit on said bottom or rocks

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    I've fed the lagoon two props, so yes, you definately want to enter and exit with care.

    As to catching fish, we did a hike by the entrance of the lagoon where there are a couple of permanent buoys. We did some fishing by the buoys and were catching pollock in 30-40' of water. If you go out to gull rock and fish on the South side you should be able to get into some cod. You'll likely have to put on some mileage to get into halibut.

    Our trips have been around Memorial day, so too early for the kings. I did some trolling in the lagoon as we did see one king that would occasinally surface. Never caught the king, but did pick up an irish lord and a pollock. Also did some jigging on the E shore of the lagoon near a rock face that dropped off to over 100'. As I recall we hooked an irish lord or two and I think another pollock.

    The pollock we took in the lagoon were riddled with worms, the ones by the entrance had some around their stomachs, same with the cod around gull rock.

    I love the cabins, great trails for hiking. Not my first choice for a fishing location.
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