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    Default Spirit of Competition

    Just wondering here as some of the comments on past threads has made me think about this lately.
    Have many anglers lost all spirit of fun competition amongst friends and others on the water when it comes to fishing the Kenai. I wonder if many out there have resorted to the feeling that they can not catch a fish if a guide is on the water?
    Does no one get the happy sheep eating tingling feeling when they hook up in the mist of all the guide boats!!! Knowing that YOU got that King to strike YOUR bait amongst many of the Nations best and elite Salmon guides period! No one gets excited knowing they too can fish with the best?

    Let's not get this thread started on guide or private angler need for that.
    It just seems that no one wants to compete or feels that there is no hope for them if a guide is on the water.....Is this the case???? and if so do you not want to catch a fish out from under a guide?????
    Have we lost that sense of fun competition???
    I am not advocating or suggesting that there is a competition to see who can catch the mostest....but anyone who fishes surely has felt good about outfishing their fishing partner....haven't you or is it just me?????

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    Default Good Thought

    I have to admit, I never cared too much for "some" guides on the river because it seemed to me that "some" feel they own the river. Not just the Kenai. I know it can be a two way street and the average Joe can be the same way. I know not everybody the same and most on the river are just trying to fish and have a good time.
    I do feel their are to many guides on the river, but you know the guides most likely feel there's to many average Joe's with private boats. And I would love to out fish a guide knowing that most guides have spent thousands of hours on the river. I just would like to think that when I hit the river, guide or average joe with his own boat that we all get along. Nobody ownes the river, nobody ownes the holes so we might as well get use to fishing together. And enjoy the all the hook sets of the year and watching that bright kings spring from the water. I feel what you wrote brought up some good questions. Just thought I let you know how this average Joe with his personal boat felt.

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    Default Funny

    I used to guide on the Gulkana back in the early to mid 80's. There was very few people on the river then. Clients loved not seeing anyone else all day or maybe one other raft. Clients loved seeing the eaglets at eagles nest hole. Those birds have long since been run off by people throwing rocks at the nest. Now flash forward 20 years. Its funny seeing so called expeirenced guides pushing into the hole your fishing or following me down the river. I skip by them so as not to intrude and no sooner than we go its time for them to leave and they stop on top of us to fish the same spot we are all ready at. Those tactics are just the reason I left the guiding business. Not all guides run this way and I am glad that they use the resource with dignity. For all those that throw new guides out on the river with virtually no expeirence or claim some sort of long history on the river, remember when others hook up around you doesnt mean you should crowd them more.

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    On my boat, the most important aspect of guiding isn't the fish-catching... it's the entertainment. My clients have the most fun (as do I) experimenting with new lures, methods, etc. I've always considered my guiding time as "practice" for my personal use fishing...

    Then, when I'm out on my own, I can take my green boards down and masquerade as a private boat and fish circles around most of my guiding buddies....

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    Default I feel ya dawg....

    Clice, I certainly see what your saying. To me there is nothing better than drifting by a full boat of guided anglers with a fish on and my net in the air with my 8 yr old daughter fighting the fish!
    All the guided anglers looking on with's awesome.
    Esp if it's 11:3O am and they still have all rods in!!!!
    I don't mind sharing a hole with guides, they know where the hole is for one, and they don't run over me or directly over the hole while getting in position for another run. Honestly it's the yahoos in the private boats that seem to run around as if they own the place, throwing a 4' wake off my stern while I'm trying to backtroll.

    It's really all about respect. Respect the other boats, give them space while repositioning, slow down when they have a fish on...etc....soon enough you'll see the same courtesy being extended to you by most who recognize your boat.

    Anyway....I feel ya!!


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    Default Confidence

    I don't think it's rocket science if you know how to fish, and present your baits. It certainly can't hurt to have some good sticks in your boat. Suffice to say I am sure there are some locals, and out of towners that can fish just as good as any of the guides. Timing and being on the river when the runs are pushing through are critical in improving ones odds on the Kenai River. Just be humble, and willing to learn new things to add to your arsenal of tricks when fishing gets tuff. The largest salmon and stealhead caught in Alaska were not by guides.

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    I have to admit WOW a few posts on here and everyone seems to feel more or less the same way....get along be happy and most of all enjoy the day.

    so why does it seem like so many on this forum feel threatened if a guide is on the water. Many do not want to see hide or hair of them on non guide times...what does it matter if a guide is out recreating with whomever he feels like having fun with at that moment in a non commercial boat, be it his personal investment or a friends.
    Before we jump on the "rogue" guide issue I want it to be known I am not condoning this activity.
    This is strickly about those guides trying to enjoy a day privately

    My take is one can take away from me my feelings about a day....the day I no longer am enjoying being on the water is the day I turn to the golf course. If you go out there and have fun with 1 or 100 other people you are still having go out with a crummy attitude...well why even bother
    Good chat here

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    To add my 2 sense, I'm an amateur on the river; only able to put time on the Kenai for 2-3 weeks every July; I kinda favor the Big Eddy area (we usually put a couple guys on the bank to fish reds while we attempt backtrolling or drifting thru the area. I've been intimidated everytime, getting in the line-up with 20 other boats, but the more time we spend, the better. I've had plenty of you guys on this site encourage me to pay the dues & spend the time on the water; that's the only way to get comfortable and manage the scene! I will not be intimidated so much that I get off the river; I've just begun!!! Our new rig is a cammo painted 16' Xtreme jon boat w/25 4 stroke Yamaha; I'll try to be courteous and use common sense! So far we've yet to catch a king on our own, but we had 2 on last year drifting thru Big Eddy, so we bought a couple of heavier rods for Kings, and upgraded our gear a little bit, maybe next summer is the time!

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    Thumbs up

    Your due, way to keep with it, youll get em this summer. It actually is pretty fun in that mix, especially if you start to know the guy sitting 3 feet of your port side
    Great spirit nice to hear, thanks for sharing

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    Thereís no spirit lost amongst friends on DBM you might find a banana in your boat or a funny sign hanging off it at the pullout. Seems to be a barbeque going on at some point in time during the day whether itís on the hook with boats tied together or after wards at someoneís house. A friend hook a fish right under my boat while sliding Big Eddy then yelled its all about the bait . Friends in my boat were trying to buy bait from him all the rest of the day... Like i have said itís all fun even from the bank Ö .
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    So I know where to get a hot dog or moose burg on monday!!!! I will fork over soem burg if you need it but don't think I will part with the eggs....well taht is if they are working that day

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    Default Good Spirit.

    Yes as long as someone wouldnít turn us in for illegal Guiding that would be moose burger guiding from one boat to another ha ha . The picture is of a friend and his family doing what they do.


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