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    Talking Back from Whitehorse ...

    Made the trek to Whitehorse to import my Scott Hudson Bay. Left Friday @ 1130pm and got back at about 500am Sunday. Made the trip "Iditarod style"; drove until sleepy, pulled over, napped, then drove more, etc. Saturday was probably a poor day to visit with Scott at Kanoepeople. His store was crammed with people renting kyaks and canoes for local day trips. Of interest, Scott had not heard of surface-drive motors, or the number of people who have bought HB's from him who have mounted surface-drive motors on their canoes. I had printed out several pictures from kandik's gallery to show him. He should become the Yukon dealer for both MudBuddy and Copperhead.

    My HB trailered beautifully on the lengthened canoe trailer. Had to keep checking the mirrors to make sure it was still there. The highway between Kluane Lake and the border was bum. Loose gravel, frost heaves, big ruts, pilot cars at 25mph for about 40 miles. Other than that, the road was good. No hassles at the border. I had already registered the boat in Alaska, but the US border guard wanted proof positive that the canoe was made in Canada. He was only satisfied when he saw the Canadian maple leaf sticker at the stern.

    Time to put the Yamaha on and take her for a spin.

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    Congratulations Rick, The HB is a different animal. I suspect you won't be going back to the small "freighters".

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    I wondered who that was. Saw you heading out of town with the brand new Scott. I was heading into town from out at Kusawa lake, F-250 with an Orange Wooldridge Sport on the trailer.
    Enjoy the HB!
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