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Thread: family fishing trip to the interior

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    Default family fishing trip to the interior

    I am taking the wife and son to the inteior this week we are going from palmer to fairbainks and then back down the parks to wasilla. is it worth taking a small boat or can we do ok from the shore? thanks for the advice.

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    it depends what you want fish for... you could head south down the rich about a 100 miles and fish quartz lake they have a boat rental there with fair prices, and some nice char and rainbows

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    There is plenty of fishing from the shore. My favorite place for the family would be Chena Lake (you can also rent canoes instead of hauling your own boat) in Fairbanks where you can catch a multitude of rainbows from the shore. You can also catch plenty of grayling at the Upper Chena river with Mepps or fly fishing with mosquitos. There are also a lot of stocked lakes with pleny of bank access on Chena Hot Springs road with stocked grayling and trout. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the help. It sounds like fishing from the shore and renting a boat is the way to go.


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