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Thread: After 3 years of no activity we cant wait till next season.

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    Default After 3 years of no activity we cant wait till next season.

    Three years ago my kids and I statrted baiting for blackies and have had no activity, and we had to to go outside to visit family on June 24th so I go to remove our site on the 23rd to find it destroyed, no camera at our site but at least 1 bear climbed the trees we hung drip pails and bait balls and tore them down and chewed them to peices. Baited a different site this season and cant wait for next year. Thanks to those who have shared their knowledge so that some rookies can share in this sport.

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    I was a little luckier than you when I first started. The very first time I set up a bait I walked into an area thought that it looked good set my bait, set up the camera gave everything a good look over and left. Came back two days later to check the camera and could tell right away I had been hit. I was really suprised when I checked the time that the first bear hit d found that it was there less than two hours after I set the bait. The first day I sat on it the bear was there 15 minutes after I sat down at the stand and I put an arrow in the right spot and was taking pics less than 30 minutes after my very first sit on a bear bait.

    That was the best year I ever had I always get bears but sometimes it can take a while. This year it took me almost a month to get our first hit. One thing that I will do if I am not getting hit is to wait about a week if I have nothing then I will move the bait. I dont go far but depending on the terrain around your bait and how the wind moves around the area a move as little as 50 yds can make the difference between bears and no bears. I will also try to make a trail of scent for them to follow to the bait I will either drag something behind me that smells sweet or use a spray bottle and spray the trees with something to get their attention if they cross my trail.
    Good luck next year I will be out again for sure.


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