Yesterday I canned a few quarts of rhubarb (this is the first time I've tried this) using a hot pack method out of the Ball blue book. By a few hours after processing, the seals had sealed, but I noticed little air bubbles down in the liquid in between some of the pieces of the rhubarb.

I went back to the canning book and read that I should have released any air using a knife or spatula after I had put the rhubarb and syrup in the jars but before putting the lids on and processing. Now this morning, I see there are still little air bubbles on the rhubarb chunks in the syrup in several places in all the jars. Seals are still sealed.

My question is, because I didn't release the air before processing, do you think my rhubarb will spoil in the jar or should it be ok? I was going to keep the jars in the refrigerator to keep them cold, just in case, and probably will use up the rhubarb right away (it's only three jars).

Interested in hearing y'alls' thoughts on this. Thanks very much for any help you can provide on this question!