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    i am replacing my cobra outdrive with a dp-sm drive i am also replacing my 350 chevy with a nice built 383 so i think i will be pushing an honest 350hp this is all in a bayliner 2556 what you think i should start with on the props? and will props from other duoprops fit?

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    Hi I have a 2556 and a 406 SBC with a bravo 111 -2.0 and I run 22P props and they work great.

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    Just be sure that you can run the motor to the max RPM with the new outdrive/prop combination. I have a volvo penta out drive and for a few years it was "over proped", ended up needing a valve job on a motor that had about 250 hours on it, thank you AMDS. Same as a "lugging" the motor in standard shift car, too low rpm, behind the power curve, you get real high cylinder head temps ....


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