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    I am planning on going into the unit for some scouting. I was wondering if anyone had some experience or advise up in that area? I have hunted off the rex trail on the other side (East off the parks) but never went in West of the richardson. Any good stories of good moose coming out. I have only talked with one guy that had any experience up there he had good things to say. Thanks

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    Since the moose in 20A are generally migratory, what you see now might not be the case in the fall. The areas can also look vastly different in the summer vs. fall with the amount of green. I'd probably focus more on finding good fields and spotting areas rather than looking for moose.

    I've always heard there are better genetics on the east side of 20A (west of the Rich). Never tried hunting that area though.

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    In the alders. AFTER the leaves have fallen.

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    A lot well be based on how you plan to get there. Boat? Plane? Canoe?
    What you plan to take with you. 4 wheeler, big tent, chain saws...

    If you are planning on going real soon- it is July, take a fishing rod and fish for pike. May even set a limb line for burbet.
    Remember the water starts dropping about the first of moose season, so look for wet marshes, and maybe some of the older burn spots. Not this years burns as a general rule.

    Watch out for bears, you wanted a story. A good friend of mine (Richard) parked his boat for the night and the next morning had three black bear cubs chewing on everything in his boat. With mama bear eating his groceries from his cooler- right next to a campfire.

    He got some good photos, and ended up with a long float/paddle down to Nenana. The cubs chewed his fuel line and steering linkage, as well as the upholstery!



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