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Thread: clogged radiator on a 500 sportsman

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    Default clogged radiator on a 500 sportsman

    Ok I have the radiator out and drained. I have it soaking in water over night then will pray with the hose and put back in....How do I fill the radiator with coolant once its installed? Can I just feed it through the over flow container? Theres really no way I can see to fill it then install it...Any ideas? Thanks

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    what year wheeler?

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    Its an 01 six wheeler (not a ranger)
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    Take front rack off, then pop off the center panel, that will give you access to the rad fill

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    Do I need to be concerned with air in the radiator and if so how should I bleed it? Thanks

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    fill it up and leave the cap off, then jack the front of the 6x up a little bit.
    when your done getting antifreeze to the top grab the lower rad hose and give a few squeezes. keep your cap off and start it up and keep and eye onthe level to off and go ride. let her cool down and check level. you should be good to go

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    Sweet thanks man

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    Your welcome


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