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Thread: Building a 6.8 AR

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    Default Building a 6.8 AR

    Well..................not really "building", but putting together another AR. Bushmaster upper. Have a bushie in 223 already, and another 223 I built from a kit, so 2 lowers I can put the 6.8 upper on.
    Next purchase is the RRA NM 2 stage trigger (thanks Hunt for suggesting it) which I will probably purchase with an RRA Lower parts kit.
    Sights..........well, hoping to get the kid (11 year old daughter) to shoot something fairly big this fall so am looking at a red dot. Shots for the kid and this caliber should be under 200 yds, preferable 100. So thinking the red dot will work better for a new shooter. I have a redfield fixed 4 if the dot isn't working like I think it will.
    Also need to get a 10 round mag for hunting.

    Throw out your suggestions for any other improvements/necessities.
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    Suggestion: Mark your magazines with silver duck tape for one cartridge and brown or green for the other. And put a matching color tape on the upper someplace.

    I would go with the fixed 4X over the Red Dot. I am living the Leupold VX-R 1.25-4X20mm FireDot Circle (Illuminated) on the AR's.

    Also it is cheapest to just get followers ($3.00) and change out the much cheaper .223/5.56 magazines.

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    Agree with AGL....fixed scope over red dot.

    NOt that I was right or wrong but I made my 3 boys use iron sights until they were very competant with them before I let them use scopes. With the fiber optic front sight on an AR you can shoot as well as any low power scope to 100 if you have young eyes. They show up well in near dark situations, are very difficult to knock off zero and good quality rear sights for AR's provide a very good sight picture capable of 2-3" groups at 100 yds with some practice. I put 22 LR conversions in my boys' AR's and it gives them a ton of good practice with iron sights for not very much money....then move to the 5.56 ammo in the upper and finally to the 6.8.

    Still am not impressed with electric sights. I do have a Bushnell firefly 1.5 - 4.5x on my 50 Beowulf just to try it. That does not have a battery and is activated by normal daylight or a flashlight and works quite well.

    Good luck to your daughter and you are doing a fine thing by taking her hunting!!!


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