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Thread: Epic trip to SE

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    Default Epic trip to SE

    Was extremely fortunate to get invited to Waterfall again, my 6th trip. Got to fish with AKKings on one of the days. All in all 12 guys took home 1245 pounds of mainly king salmon, with a few silvers, halibut and lings thrown in. We figure we caught 95 kings in 3 days. My best was a 29.6 on Monday, another guy got the trip best at 43 and my buddy got a 30. Can't wait to get back next year. Thanks for the great day on Sunday Scott.
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    It was fun, hard to beat hot king fishing and great weather, wish I could of got you a 43. You guys got out of town just in time, been windy, wet and rough since you left, hasn't seemed to slow the kings down any, hooked another dozen today. ;-)


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