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    I'm Coming home for R&R around the 15th of Aug. and Me and the wife are going to try to put a bou in the freezer. I'm thinking driving up to pmp 3 and 4. and spending a day or 2 before heading back into Fairbanks. If anybody can give me any pointers between now and then about any of the heards movements it would be greatly appreciated. not planning getting off into the back country just a little road hunting is all i'm planning to do.

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    Seems two days in the North Slope is limited. If you can stretch your stay to five days it would be better. Contact with Fish and Game and caribou websites for animal movement. Usually the main herd moves by first week of September. You are going early. If you have any specific question, let me know. Safe trip.

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    Caribou are constantly moving from left side of Dalton to the right. Drive the highway between Pump sts 2 thru 4 looking for any caribou. Animals are trying to find safe path/route across the Dalton. If you see any caribou in the distance, set up ambush and wait for them. You have to possibly reposition your ambush once the animals start to move. I use white/off white pillow cases with sewn sleeves at either side to hold sticks. These decoys will attract the animals's attention and should bring them near to you. The Saga river is about one-quarter miles of less on your right. Some hunters cross the river and try to suprise the animals.


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