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Thread: POW self guided fishing lodges?

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    Default POW self guided fishing lodges?

    The lodges that offer self guided fishing include a skiff for salmon, halibut, and bottom fish. Is it normal to catch halibut and rock fish or is a guided trip necessary? Either way POW sounds great, just want to know what to expect. Experienced in saltwater fishing, know the limitations of my small boat, lots of time fish are available but are unreachable. Planning a late July or early Aug 2011 trip. Any tackle, methods, lodges info appreciated.

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    Call Gooch -

    Personally I wouldn't consider anywhere else.
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    Im doing a self-guided trip starting tomorrow.

    I rented my skiff and suv from hollis adventure rentals. The guy is really easy to work with and even helped me plan my trip a bit.

    Once I got the suv and boat, it was basically up to me to find out where I wanted to stay. I chose coffman, but debated for a while between there and Craig. I will however be doing a few trips out of craig since a trailer is included with my rental, and I can drive the boat down there. I happy to have that option.

    Gooch seems like a cool dude and if you look at his posts, he obviously knows how to fish. Would have like to stay with him but was sold out for the holiday.

    There's another guy on this site, 'greenbuttskunk' - He also rents cabins and skiffs. Sold out as well for the holiday.
    Ive been chatting with him a lot and he seems to have a good operation.

    Check out this site if you decide on Coffman:
    Gives you an idea of the lodging and boat rentals in the area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milo View Post
    Call Gooch -

    Personally I wouldn't consider anywhere else.

    He is a class act. Planning on taking the wife there sometime. Heard nothing but great things.

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