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Thread: Komodo Basket Set

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    Question Komodo Basket Set

    Hi everyone. Anyone out there ever use the Komodo ATV basket set? I've had Komodo products in the past and love the quality, but I've never seen one of their basket sets priced so low. Thx in advance for your posts.

    Here's the link:

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    I looked at the link, the front rack basket looks good, although rack extenders would work just as well. The rear rack basket I wouldn't put on anything... it hangs way back over the tires, if you were to put weight on it, it might give you the arse over teakettle effect when going up steep hills. Again I'd recommend rack extenders instead of a basket. And if you are going to get into hunting with your ATV just go out and buy a meat trailer and be done with it. then you could save the money you would be dumping into these things.


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