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Thread: Where to find gas powered pot pullers in Alaska

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    Default Where to find gas powered pot pullers in Alaska

    Does anyone know who is dealing gas powered pot pullers in Alaska? I called around to AK Mining and Diving, Marita and Donaldsons but no luck so far.


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    Many folks overlook the "Nova Jack", or what ever their calling them these days; sold by Jackovich. These are gas powered, very light weight and will pull way more than most others out there. Certianly more than my Electra-Dyne. Don't get me wrong, I prefer the electric and have a cadilac, but not everyone has room for these behemoth's. My puller / battery combination tops 120 lbs, quite a contrast to the smaller log pulling type at 32 lbs!
    Now, the trade off is line speed as these units top out at 40 FPM. HOWEVER with a 2500 lb rating I believe a fellow could easily increase the size of the cat head and get about anything you would want!

    Oh yea, there real nice for getting a moose out of the swamp too!

    Most of these logging type pullers are made in Canada but from what Ive seen are very well made. Go to "" and have a look.

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    I bought mine (Honda 4 hp / 4 stroke) from Marita about 4 years ago. I was kind of surprised that they sold them, as they do not carry Honda outboards. Not surprised if the did quit carrying them for that reason. You can always order one on line if you can't find one up here. This is the exact one I bought from Marita, for about $200 cheaper...which would cover the freight.

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    Cheapest I could get a new one from out of state was $1100 including barge shipping through ATEC in Kenai. I did some more poking around and decided to make my own. I found a 127 CC briggs and stratton with 6:1 reduction gear and shaft to accept a capstan for under $400 shipped.

    Got a capstan from to fit the motor ($68 w/ shipping)

    Going to replace my not working electric anchor winch on the bow with this setup to pull the anchor and pots with. I may make a davit this winter. 8 foot of 1.5" schedule 80 is only $32.


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