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Thread: Kachemak Bay/Chrome Bay

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    Can anyone tell me what the fishing is like in these areas? We'll be there the first week in August and are primarily interested in Lings and Halibut, but don't refuse the salmon.

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    Assuming you are going on a guided trip, the fishing can vary from mediocre to exceptional, depending on who you go with. You should have no problem getting halibut, ling cod typically require running the boat into more exposed waters, and will be weather dependent. I'm not sure of the run timing in K-bay, but you will likely be catching silver salmon as well.
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    I haven't done a charter in a few years, but if I did out of Homer, this is whom I would go with. I work with one of his part time deck hands. The Halibut and Lings they bring in are amazing to say the least. Also, he partners with a lodge that is in Chrome Bay.

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    Thanks. We are going with Kent of Poi Boy and will be at his Lodge on Chronme Bay. In conversations he seems like and exceptional accommodating person. It also save the some of run time from Homer I understand.

    I had heard one of his deckhands was a fishing fanatic--fine with us!


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