Hello Everyone,

My wife and I were flying home yesterday and saw what looked to be a blue and white Cub on it's nose in the Matanuska River, just off a gravel bar island. We circled twice and descended to have a look, but we did not land due to wind, the island gravel bar was too small for my liking, and our fuel situation. We saw two people on the island that appeared ok. We called the LifeMed helicopter crew and had them call 911. A few minutes later when we had cell coverage, we called 911 to ensure they had been called. My concern was the Cub (and all their survival gear) was in the plane in the river. All we saw on the gravel bar was two people, no gear.

When we landed at Wolf Lake 9 minutes later, 911 called us and confirmed the Lat/Long we had given. Sutton was launching an airboat and someone had already made contact with the crew. Hopefully this all turned out OK, anyone know any more details?