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Thread: Nabesna Road?

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    Default Nabesna Road?

    Looking at putting together a moose hunt this August off of the Nabesna road. I hear that there is some private property issues around there. This will be primarily a meat hunt. If a trophy presents itself, even better... Has anybody hunted the Nabesna Road? and would you be willing to share any info about that location? I know that the Southern part of the road is closed because it is Park...the north side is Preserve, but is it accessible with all of the private propery around there? I would prefer to just fly to Dillingham but can't afford it this year. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Anybody ever get private property permission to hunt there? etc.....
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    Not many moose.Take a drive sometime this summer to see whats up.

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    Nabesna Road is very beautiful area but as already stated moose pop. is low.
    The road area gets hunted pretty hard. Their are some atv trails, check with NPS for access, but as you can imagine it gets overun too. I call this more of camping with guns then hunting, as you will not get very far from people and you wont be packing the moose very far from the road.

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    Not very many moose in there. Lots and lots of road hunters in there. Just like the LA freeway, well almost.


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