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    Was up there the last two days, all the way to resort. Water was very high and dark yesterday but was coming down as I was leaving today. Caught one fish in Angel Creek by the mouth, but that was it...tough conditions. Plan on going back next week with the raft if the water levels are ok. Fish should be pretty well up by now right?

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    My guess is the fish are up and are going to be mighty active once the water goes down. I don't go up there when it is this high as my "spots" are hard to navigate with this much water. However as soon as it comes down I plan on getting up there and slaying some. Should be fun with a raft though as I hear people doing those floats have a great time. I actually might do the same since my camping plans for the weekend have changed unless anyone has a pair of happijack camper tie-downs that will fit an 03' Chevy?

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    Fished on Saturday for a few hours. Water kinda high and a little dark. Still nailed the fish along a stretch of river right at 44 mile. And yes, the bigger grayling are up river now. BTW I used just dry flies. Love it when they slurp those things down!


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