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Thread: Seward Halibut

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    Default Seward Halibut

    I have taken several charter trips out of Seward and have always gone out to Cape Resurrection and turned left. I am bringing up my own boat this Summer and was wondering if there was quality Halibut fishing going out to Cape Aialik and going right. Seems if you wanted to just fish and cruise, that there are many sights to see and places to anchor up for the night. Any information or comments would be appreciated.

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    Default Going south out of Seward

    There are some great places to fish once you get past Cape Aialik. But I wouldn't turn right I would keep going south by southwest. The water is so deep that there isn't as many good spots to overnight as it appears there might be on the charts. But one really great place to anchor is Taz Basin on the southwest side of Granite Island. Find it on the chart. As you enter stay to the left of the huge rock sticking up out of the water. The right side looks better but it is foul. Depending how you go, it is about 15 miles past the cape. It is one of my favorite places to overnight.


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