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Thread: Chilikadrotna float

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    Default Chilikadrotna float

    anyone have any suggestions for short day-hikes along the chilikadrotna? we're floating from twin lakes to around maribou landing.

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    I'm very familiar with the Twin Lakes area but no experience with areas downstream along the Chilikadrotna. A couple of suggestions would be to allow for 1-2 extra days at the beginning of your float and hike around the Twin Lakes area. Emerson Creek near the Upper and Lower Lake connecting stream (north side) is a nice short hike to the falls. Hope Creek Valley on south side of Upper Twin is nice, also a chance to check out the Proenneke site. The Volcanic Mts on the south side of Lower Twin are relatively easy to access and offer fairly easy hiking once up on the ridge. Enjoy the trip, gorgeous country for sure.


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