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Thread: Fishing on Kontrashibuna Lake advise?

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    Default Fishing on Kontrashibuna Lake advise?

    A little help with Kontrashibuna Lake? Does anyone have tips/advise for trout? I'll be in Port Alsworth for the week of July 24 - 30 and will be hiking up to K Lake. The grayling fishing is great in Lake Clark and I've done well there.

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    I fished it June of 2007. It is probably the prettiest spot that I have been in Alaska. Half of us used leach patterns mainly and half used mepps spinners. We caught quite a few Lake Trout, nothing of any real size compared to Lake Clark but the scenery was amazing. The Falls are something else also!

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    Thanks Choked

    It's the first place I landed in Alaska eighteen years ago. Haven't found any place more beautiful. Never fished K. Lake though and we will this time. Did you guys go way up the lake or just up from the falls where it begins to open up? Were you running the leeches in deep water?

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    Fishnhunt-This was one stop of three on a flight-seeing trip out of a lodge on Lake Illiamna, so we only spent a couple hours there. Nymphs were fished with sink tip lines. Have fun! Beautiful lake.

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    Try again

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