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Thread: Pink Splash

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    Question Pink Splash

    I put some CCI "Lawman" factory ammo through the .44 mag revolver recently.

    CCI rings the primers with something pink.

    After the shot, the pink stuff can be found splashed across the spent primer and the headstamp on the cartridge.

    There are no signs of excess pressure except, perhaps, this. No primer cratering or significant flattening, no dark smudges around the primer pocket.

    Anybody know what that is, and whether I should be worried that it's splattering when the round goes off?

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    primer sealant, why it is splattering????.......murph?

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    Its a water proofing , because people do silly things with ammo and they want theirs to still work. If you hand load you can do the same thing with some fingernail polish. most ammo companies use sealant to some extent, but I have never heard of any danger, or damage from its use.


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