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Thread: Lake Creek kings?

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    Default Lake Creek kings?

    Just wondering what the king fishing has been like at Lake Creek. I'm looking at taking the family up early next week and was hoping to get the kids into their first king. We'll be camping out for 3 or 4 days and I'm open for any suggestions if Lake Creek is not happening right now. Thanks in advance.

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    when i last fished for kings around the 15th they were starting to come in fairly well upriver. i usually dont fish down at the mouth so couldnt tell you about that. last sunday i was out that way, not to fish, and the number of fishermen around bulchitna was staggering. if you are planning on boating up to lake creek then heading upriver be aware that the channel has changed this year. you can no longer go upriver from the mouth of the old main channel. most of the water is now going down little lake creek. early in the season little lake creek was blocked by downed trees. i saw boats coming up little lake creek last weekend so the lodges must have cut their way through. if you are fishing at the mouth that wont affect you. if you are going upriver i would stay away from the hordes at the bulchitna area. they are all on foot so you dont have to go too far upriver to get away from that scene.

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    They cut out the log jam up at the little lake creek fork.
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