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Thread: Kenai River Professional Guide Association: Wounded Warrior Event

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    Cool Kenai River Professional Guide Association: Wounded Warrior Event

    I want to thank all the sponsors, guides, donations, and volunteers that made the event happen this last weekend. I have heard nothing but great things from those that attended. I read over 100 participates had lodging, meals, gifts, and 2 days of guided king fishing on the Kenai. All of it donated!

    I tried to attend the event myself, however due to some kind of legal issues I was sent packing off the bus. I am a 22 year Army Veteran and currently work for the Army as a civilian at the Warrior Transition Unit on Fort Wainwright.

    Maybe next year I can attend. I heard there were active duty and prior service and Army civilian workers who all attended, got to fish and enjoyed the event.

    Maybe they were worried about me using salmon jedi mind tricks on the fish?

    Too cool of the Kenai River Professional Guide Association putting on the event to give back to our healing service members. Great JOB!
    Jedi Salmon Powers Activated!

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    They didn't want you showing every one up with a willow stick

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    Glad to hear it went good this year, I was in the WTU until october. Let me know of any future events I might be able to help with.


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