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Thread: registration stickers on in flatable boat

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    Default registration stickers on in flatable boat

    I just recently got a new 14ft inflatable zodiak type boat and bought the numbered stickers from sportsman warehouse, inflated the boat put stickers and could tell they were going to peel off really quick. As soon as i deflated the boat the strickers peeled right off. Anyone have any suggestions? Don't really want to spray paint on the letters or use a marker on a new boat. Thanks

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    I ordered mine from they glue on like a patch. Mine has been on for 4 years.

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    You said you don't want to put the numbers on permanently like with paint or permanent marker. Why not? Once the boat is registered that number and title go with the boat for all of its life. Yes, its new but it needs to be registered if your going to use it with a motor, so.... Just my thoughts. I used a Sharpie and stencils and you just have to touch them up if you notice any wear.

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    Default Old threads with good information...

    Try these for several good ideas and helpful discussion:
    and this one...

    (c) A boat number assigned to an inflatable boat may be attached to plates that are securely attached to each side of the forward half of the boat.
    (d) For a boat where a boat number on the hull or superstructure would not be clearly visible, the boat number must be painted on or attached to a backing plate that is attached to the forward half of the boat so that the number is clearly visible from each side of the boat.

    I like this idea for my cataraft, but Stid's suggestion seems bomber for more rugged applications... permanent basically.

    Good luck.


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