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Thread: Ketchikan Questions!!!

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    Default Ketchikan Questions!!!

    Ok, so my brother and I have booked a trip to Ketchikan for August 27th - September 1st.
    What are the best salt & fresh water areas to fish? We will have a boat.
    It looks like the Naha river could be promising - what do you think?
    Any other ideas are appreciated!

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    If you launch on the north end you will most likely go out the public dock at Knudsen Cove. From there you can range over to Prince of Wales (POW) about 20 miles and fish the 20 fathom bank area off the east coast for halibut and salmon. Hopefully the cohos will have returned. Last year was stinko. You could then follow the coast up 10-15 miles to the Karta river and fish salmon and trout. You would still be in good halibut areas and salmon trolling along the way back out of the inlet then could fish up Clarence Straights for a few miles for both halibut and salmon. Cross back toward Knudsen and go north to the Naha this river will provide good rainbow and dolly fishing about then. Pinks should be heavy in the river about then. You could range north out of Naha to Indian Point and pick up salmon, halibut and other bottom fish. Fishing right around Knudsen and Clover Passage could also be productive about then.

    Good Luck

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    Just don't eat the clams.... Here are some ideas to try. Camano Point is usually good for silvers that time of year. Camano is a longer run than most of the other hot spots, but it's a good place to get away from the 4-hour cruise ship tourist charter boat fleet.

    Another fun trip is to cruise to Helm Bay, soak some crab pots and spend a night at the Forest Circus cabin. It's probably booked up by now,but you could camp on the beach. If you enjoy Mexican food, stop by Ocean View Cafe and try their Chili Verde. Be sure to swing by A&P and get a bag of Ravens Brew Coffee to take back home with you. Grizzly Blend is my favorite.

    It's always a kick just to cast off the breakwater at Thomas Basin for humpys with light gear. It's not exactly a wilderness experience, but alot of fun especially with kids. Plus, its fun to watch all the boat and plane traffic.

    Enjoy your trip. Ketchikan is a very special place.

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    if you are on the south end you can fish mt point (lots of charter boats) fish creek up thorn arm for salmon and trout. pt alva for halibut.dont get to close to anette island could get a ticket. blamnk inlet can be good for halibut too. if you can get a charter go down to cape chaken one stop shoping.


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